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Stalking Continues in Simms Case

Evidence in the case of Sacramento psychotherapist Grace Simms indicates the 31-year-old-professional continues to be stalked, but life is doubly complicated for her following the shooting of policeman Garret Weston, who remains comatose in a downtown hospital. The fictional Grace Simms, a bone-marrow donor and an up-and-coming Sacramento professional, serves as the lead character in […]

Stalking Starts Here

Where the stalking starts, an excerpt from “The Red Chair” by Dänna Wilberg

Damn!” Grace pounded the steering wheel. The stamped ticket she pulled from the machine at the parking lot entrance read 9:04. Her client was scheduled at nine. She glanced at her dash clock in disbelief. I’m never late to work. When she rounded the corner, the last thing she expected to see was a green […]

Bullet Belt

The Horror of War and the Haunting of PTSD

Invisible is real life: Flashbacks, nightmares, and anger alongside friendship, love, and recovery. Bill Blaylock suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder for years. It was invisible, until a fellow Vietnam vet lifted back the covers. The revelation explained everything: the 39 jobs, the failed marriage, and the fear that prompted him to check the perimeter of […]

Ruminations Releases in Fall  of 2014

The Book “Ruminations” Now Available

Reflections of a life lived fully:   “Rumination” chronicles Matthias Mendezona’s passage two-score-years from his grandfather’s coconut farm to urban life, from single man to grandfather, and from silent, solitary reflection to triangulated friendships celebrated on a high boulder. Appreciating the beauty of life, the writer-poet delivers messages: Let greetings be long; let good-byes be brief […]