Pretty Road Press puts captivating stories and deserving books by undiscovered authors into the hands of niche audiences. We also deliver content to newspapers, websites, and magazines.

Our publishing company is small, nimble, and scrappy. Our readers benefit from our commitment to books and content that encourage understanding and deliver entertainment. We want to make life a little easier, more understandable, and more fun―like traveling a pretty road where scenic views give rise to awe and pause.

We crave relationships with readers―people who love fine writing and understand that well-crafted writing is an expression of well-formulated thinking. So sign-up on our e-mail list and give us a “like” on Facebook, so we can talk with each other about books, writing, and life along the pretty road.

We don’t pretend to be big. Pretty Road Press stands tall, small, and independent. We strive to publish at least four books a year, paying authors generous royalties on modest print runs and worldwide e-book sales.

Our efforts focus on books, content and publications that fit into niche markets, no matter what the genre. Sometimes our books do not hit the public market, but rather go to association members, business clients, and special interest groups. Our marketing efforts are always targeted to groups or people with like-minded curiosities.

We’re as good at guerilla marketing as we are at writing, editing, and design. Bookstores are not the primary channel for our sales, but we always love, promote, and brag on independent bookstores that sell our work.

Pretty Road Press will look at manuscripts and proposals sent to us by authors and agents. We prefer manuscripts accompanied by a formal book proposal, since a writer’s platform and commitment can be as important as the content of a manuscript. Get Michael Larsen’s How to Write a Book Proposal as a reference on querying by authors. We usually respond within four weeks.

Our editors want to read only electronic files. Send your files to our query mailbox at Queries@PrettyRoadPress.com. We won’t open your files unless you have used the body of your e-mail to tell us who you are and what you are sending us.

Whether you are a reader or an author, Pretty Road Press is your encouraging partner and publisher in the verbal exchange of big ideas and some pretty good stories.