The Book “Ruminations” Now Available

Reflections of a life lived fully:  

“Rumination” chronicles Matthias Mendezona’s passage two-score-years from his grandfather’s coconut farm to urban life, from single man to grandfather, and from silent, solitary reflection to triangulated friendships celebrated on a high boulder. Appreciating the beauty of life, the writer-poet delivers messages:

Let greetings be long; let good-byes be brief


Tell the women that great beauty comes from pain and courage.

In each precisely parsed vignette of a life lived fully, Mendezona dares to reveal inner-most thoughts that others are only thinking.

Filled with beautiful photography, Rumination divides life’s journey into three parts, “Steeping,” and “Loss,” followed by “New Life,” a concluding celebration of life’s finer moments.

Each spread and illustration is a poetic story of lessons learned. Rare is the reader who won’t identify with messages of gratitude, the beauty of nature, and the bonds of family friendship. In carving his mark on the English language, Mendezona achieves a symmetry all his own. Sit back and reminisce. Read and smile. Remember and wipe a tear.

Rumination is a perfect gift of reflection for those who love words and who know that life is more than what meets the eye. Rumination is hope for those who are struggling, advice for those youth wandering, and affirmation for those thinkers who stand strong, yet silent.


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